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'90s by nature

You oughta know


Take a look at pop culture right now: there’s a new Harmony Korine movie out, boys are tying plaid shirts around their waists, and Brandy and Aaliyah remixes are dominating our nights out . . . all over again. Whether we like it or not, the 1990s revival is having its moment. And since Fab debuted in ’94, I couldn’t think of a better topic for my last fashion free-for-all.

Suddenly, I’m obsessing over looks I wouldn’t even have considered wearing in the ’90s. Happy-face tees, sandals with socks and head-to-toe prints. I rang up Stephen, who describes his style as “the Fresh Prince of TO” and loves to shop at VV boutique (aka Value Village), to demonstrate some divine ’90s inspiration. He was an absolute deee-lite. I didn’t have to find a thing: Stephen had it all. The big, bold prints (suit and tee), high-waisted jean shorts and all the Looney Tunes memorabilia you can shoot. Most importantly, he had the ultimate ’90s heartthrob trait, the Brandon Walsh hairdo.

If you’re laughing now, you’ll probably be wearing it later. Skip the uncertainty and relive the best and worst moments from your past closets, everything from “raver boi” to “geek chic” to “modern minimalist.” ’Cause you’re freeeeee, to do what you want to do.

On a more sentimental note, I’d like to thank all the Fab readers, designers, stores and, especially, the amazingly stylish boys that gave Style Life its reason for living. The talent (and style) in this city is endless, and it was my joy to share it with you.

click on the photos above to see the whole show!

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