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Guidelines for reader comments on

Comments on go directly online, so you could be held personally liable if your comment violates Canadian defamation law. If you’re unsure about what’s defamatory and what isn’t – what’s libel and what’s not – read up and then err on the side of caution.

This site was built to be fab. Take is light and easy. If you take cheap shots at others from behind a fake identity, defamatory or otherwise, that makes you a dick and a coward. It diminishes the site for others and it’s decidedly un-fab. If fab editors see defamatory material on they’ll take it down.

If you think you may have been defamed by a comment on, flag the posting on the comment page and email Fab. A fab editor will review the comment and take any necessary action.

But try not to get too worked up. Keep your sense of humour. Get in there and write back. Don’t be afraid to have fun.

Please do not post promotions for products, services or events in the comments section. We’ll only take them down. If you’d like to buy an ad on find out how here. If you’d like an event posted in the event listings, email here.

When leaving a comment on, try to express your thoughts clearly and succinctly so readers will understand what you’re writing. If you’re all loopy after a night at the clubs, your comment might be hilarious, but you might regret it later. If that’s fine with you, it’s really fine with us.

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