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Deko-ze presents Mark Falco's top 10 tracks of the moment!


Featured DJ: Mark Falco

Music has been always an important part Mark's life. He's been a DJ for as long as he can remember! Because of music Mark has been able to play around the world and has met some amazing people along the way. Also, he's looking forward to getting back into the studio very soon.    

Favourites: Favourite things are friends, music, drinks and killer sound systems!

1. Nicky Romero ft John Christian & Nilson – “Still The Same Man (original club mix)” (Awesome Music)
A tech-y reinterpretation of the 2006 track “Same Man” from Till West & DJ Delicious.                                                                                               

2. D. Ramirez & Cevin Fisher – “Restless (original mix)” (Great Stuff Recordings)
A hot new collaboration from two house heroes.                                                                                                                                                
3. Guinevere – “Fly Away (Pagano Americas mix)” (Tommy Boy)
Definitely the most poppy one on this list but Pagano delivers a nice mix.                                                                                                                                        

4. Africanism presents Bob Sinclar & Eddie Amador – “Do It (Rio Dela Duna & Arone Clein remix)” (Yellow Productions)
Dynamite meeting of the minds from two dance floor masters!        

5. Disclosure ft AlunaGeorge – “White Noise (original mix)” (PMR)
Humming bassline, swirling synths and beeps mixed with some sweet vocals, a huge hit overseas.                                                                                     

6. Live Element – “Be Free (Carl Hanaghan reconstruction)” (Hed Kandi Records)
A shiny new version of a dancefloor classic.                                                                                             

7. Duke Dumont ft A*M*E – “Need You (100%) (original mix)” (Blase Boys Club)
Has a chunky, finger-snapping '90s house beat, could become a club classic!            

8. Nicole Moudaber ft Hosie – “In The Mood (original mix)” (Mood Records)
A fantastic house track, there's also a great mix from Toronto's own Nathan Barato.                                        

9. Milk & Sugar – “Stay Around (Mr. Vasovski remix)” (Milk & Sugar)
Tons of remixes around for this uplifting house track, this one of my faves                                                       

10. DJ Chus & Nuno Clam ft Velvet Voice – “Between Us (Richie Santana remix)” (Stereo Productions)
An underground club banger with soul penetrating drums!   


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