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Daily Briefs: The latest and gayest things on the world wide web

My own private IDAHoT


Here's a collection of random news and culture bits served fresh daily for FAB readers. Enjoy!

My own private IDAHoT

What a Minsky


Heaven must be missing an Angel

Chunky peanut butter, extra nuts

Revenge is a dish best served in a paper cup


TCAF is so queer

Slice of cheesecake

Swimming against the current

Bottom rubber

Kids in America

Check out that cock

Happy Gaysian Heritage Month!

More gay

A rose by any other league


Criminally good looking

Getting used

He wears the panties


US-Gay and trans

The joylessness of gay sex



Seeing is not always beliebing

Reigning queens

Grand unified

Daily brief

Now That Cher's Dead

Hate: Catholic value #1

Re: Straight people

Feeling consensual

Part of your world


May the Force be Sulu

Broadway? Broad-gay!

Red, white and nude

Keeping tabs

Shocking villains

All that glitters


I wish I could quit you

Birds do it, bees do it

Don't dream it, be it

There's something about Harry

A kiss with a fist

Poor little princess

My Fab story

More than a friend

Vatican: putting the glory in glory holes

No butts about it

Game change

It doesn't take a Superman

Let's have a Holy SeeSee

Rising stars

Hot mess

The big cover up

Making it up


Union jacking off

A Gorey tale

Talk about being hung in a gallery

Smells like queer spirit

Adam and RiRi

Getting an art-on

The full monty (fantastically NSFW)

Happily never after

Confirmed bachelors

Love, down to a science

Not so super man

When you wish upon a star

WBC hates snags

Gay man invades the Playboy Mansion

Actually, we do mean gay as in happy

Porn liking straight guys like same-sex marriage

Weekend womps

Jackie Beat gets hip

Drop dead gorgeous

Bottoms up

Lookin' good, not feelin' gorgeous

A pink manifesto


Prisoners of love

School of hard cocks: school's out

Not gay as in happy

Some good advice

Praise the lord and pass the suntan lotion

Monster mash

The school of hard cocks

Bare all

A boys in a dress

Try on some female genes

Manford and son

Boys will be girls

Rebel without a cause

Flaming pines

Poodles and lezzies and bears, oh my!

Ugandan pride

Cheers to the New Year

A year in art

Dreaming of a pink Christmas

Gay holiday with Takei

A very miserable Christmas

Yonder nipple-stars

Rolling Gagas

Ian McKellen, sexual outlaw

Queer hero

A very offensive Christmas

The rebel

Face of the community

All I want for Christmas

Wish list

Funky guy

Mr. Sulu goes to Riverdale

Transcending discrimination

Gently down the stream

Dive in

Tom Daley is a Mo

Dirty game

Cat people vs dog people

Girls wil be boys

Orders are call me, maybe


Trans Day of Remembrance

The water's fine

Sharon the love

When you wish upon a pop star

On hard-ons

Just married (your girlfriend)

Back to the grind

Feeling social

Rubbered the wrong way

Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you

One less lonely girl or boy

Cher-ing logic

Coming out to Siri


Gays of our lives

How To Survive A Hurricane: The Playlist


Baby does her dance in the dark

Raise a little Ellen

You can totally be a princess

Bears, boys and beyond

Trick or secrete

From stiletto to perfetto

Art for pretty boys' sake

Fabulous revolution

Money: that's what they want

Baby, it's cold

Have a gay ol' Halloween

Never rub another man's rhubarb

Let's have a nuptials

The price is finally right

Turning Japanese

Such a teaser

Mainers for marriage

Best parents ever

Size queens

To China with love

Tweeting for twats

Mis canciones son de la revolucion

Magic Joe

There's an app for that

Everyone loves Jennifer

Born this organized

Masculinity is child's play

Vietnam is gay

Nude is not lewd

Men in tights

Saint Turing

Get a learn-on

Pretty Mark

Life imitating comics

Patrick Del Ray

A little light S&M

When queens collide

House of 1000 Corpsettes

What's a key-key?

70s porno-chic

Stand at attention

The good fight

Bare ambition

Good gravy!

When in Rome

Check out that hatch back

It's hard looking this good

A grand old party

Hop on the Fire Island fairy

Happy ending ever after

The perks of being Ezra

Just a song that I used to know

Pansexuals in the house

Olympic gold

Drag imitating drag

Half-man, all queen

Good sport

Toyland with a twist

Royale reprise

The other best thing about the Olympics

The best thing about the Olympics

Give GaymerCon a 1UP


The Ballad of Ana Matronic

Serving Disney realness

Olympic-sized studs

Little boy blue

This mayor's a big pussy

Fine China

Totally gay for art

Ray of hope

Joseph Dreamboat-Levitt

The wedding pander

Sticky and sweet


Cookie Rae Jepsen

Hot, sweaty, dirty

Covers are for lovers

Tumble into some art


Lost boys

Natural beauties

Parents for love

The good, the bad, the Shangela

Nina Arsenault is present

Needles needled by controversy

A proud life

Boys who love boys who love Star Wars

Summer lovin'

Fashion forward

Judy, friend of Dorothy

Trans Etiquette 101 with punk rockers

Shia LaBeef

Shameless advertising

A real shocker, same-sex parents can parent

Out of the celluloid closet

Long live the queen

One Erection

All booked up

Take a walk on the wild side

It's hard keeping it hetero

What's in a name?


Pride is marvelous

2 gays 1 car

The Scissor Sisters want you home

Music makes the people come together

Prom kings and queens

Don't fence me in

Ditto moving in the right direction

A Northstar in the sky

From sea to shining Waters

I really do want world peace

Colours of the rainbow

Make 'em Braff

Power gays

Nine-year-olds hate homo-haters

Isn't it Divine?

A golden age

Reinventing Tom Gabel

Wild thing

Another Olympic hottie

A dyke to watch out for

Because you need an excuse

My Highschool Boyfriend Was Gay

Transcend ignorance

TCAF is so gay

Susan Sarandon hawks cocks

What's deep, gay and glittery all over?

Lady Gaygay

Homophobia "made-up", kind of like Christianity

Chris Colfer struck by lightning at Tribeca

Josh Hutcherson can't wait to have a gay son

The grass is always greener

Mitcham gets perfect 10 for body, 11 for brains


Gay positivity

Le cinema gay

Trans people are doin' it for themselves

Cumming in the stalls

VIDEO: Andrew Christian does underwear ads betta

Think pink

A little tweet told me

People are people whatever their parts

I smell genius

Asexuality For Dummies

Return of Little Miss Canadian Sunshine

VIDEO: Shit Liza, get it together

Eat, pray, love big cock

VIDEO: Celine Dion: Canada's pride and joy

The sad truth of homeless gay youth

Abercrombie and gitch

Little Miss Canadian Sunshine Jenna Talackova

She, he or they work hard for the money

VIDEO: Slip on some stilettos, its Friday

Madonna vs Putin

The Dame hangs up her wig

VIDEO: Children's safety tips from Dave Franco

The naked truth

Viagra bill would put men in a hard place

Death in Calgary

A taste of something creamy

VIDEO: The gayest eight minutes on the Internet

Universe of online desires

Ian Harvie has three holes

Hypocrisy of Biblical proportions


Jay Brannan wants to be a housewife

This just in: Bisexuality is real

George Takei will seduce Donald Trump

This Friday night do your laundry - VIDEO

Growing up queer is an epic quest

Making Riverdale a little more fabulous

Gay Marine kiss goes viral

The Academy a--wads

Remember the 90s?

Jeremy Lin may get you laid

Lovestruck by Chris Colfer

Kristen Bell loves gays

Yellow Halo: not a euphemism - VIDEO

Trans people need your help

Pixelated hotties

Yoü and Gaga

Glove him so you can love him

A very special Valentine's gift

Happy birthday Ivri Lider!

Ryan Russell is fit to fuck

It's not over until the cute guy sings

FCKH8 on Valentine's Day - VIDEO

100% scientifically proven facts about gay people

Who knew cleaning could be so dirty

Madonna's diminishing returns.

Black, out, loud and proud

Let's talk about reading

Vintage photographs - Black gay love hidden in the open

175 days until Pride: 519's hot promo video for Treehouse 2012

Mariah Carey holiday dance routine viral video joy

Cazwell and Peaches unzip together - MUSIC VIDEO

Madonna demo leaded in full: Give Me All Your Love

Gay penguins forced straight at the Toronto Zoo - VIDEO

God, in his It Getteth Better video, says he's 10 percent gay

Azis turns the gay up to 11 - VIDEO

All washed up in Vienna - VIDEO

Betty White raps with sexy hunks 

Burning Man Festival goes gay

Disappointing gay best friend = hilarious viral videos

Oberlin College Soccer Team is on homoerotic overload - Video

How to make really gay rainbow roses

Watch James Franco's adorable brother... fuck himself

 Gaga's newest video You and I... is bizarre (shocking right?)

LA vogue ball drama comes to TIFF this year - Trailer

Sexy military boys lip sync to Glee's Don't Stop Believin'

Robyn covers Coldplay's Every Teardrop is a Waterfall

Niagara Falls turns into a giant Pride flag

Gay singer Ari Gold gets the Rosa Parks treatment

Sexy Aaron Ashmore goes gay for Syfy



Kylie Minogue helps out a gay marriage proposal

Britney's new I Wanna Go music video is trashy, fun bubblegum satire

Weird Al lays into Lady Gaga with his Perform This Way video

Behind the scenes at the Vienna Lifeball with Kazaky and Dsquared

Meet the dancers on Britney's Femme Fatale Tour

Drag legend Divine in a new documentary - I Am Divine teaser trailer

Vampire/Werewolf gay kiss: Pattinson and Lautner at 2011 MTV Movie Awards

San Francisco Giants release an "It Gets Better" video

Mini-doc: Katy Perry's #1 fan, creepy or a teenage dream?

Booze laws relax in time for Pride

Armie Hammer talks kissing Leo in J Edgar Hoover bio pic

Farmville folks discuss the arrival of Lady Gaga in a new commercial

Steven Tyler from Aerosmith tries gay sex, embraces his female side

Lady Gaga and Madonna are related?

Hungry for more True Blood? New teaser full of hot man beast

George Michael talks orchestral tour, new album, being a bad influence

Acclaimed Alberta ballet featuring Elton John music coming in November

Val Lauren to play Sal Mineo in biopic directed by James Franco

Michael Douglas talks about how Matt Damon kisses him in Liberace flick

Queen of the gays Kathy Griffin to play Toronto in September

Jake Shears and Jeff Whitty's Tales of the City musical opens

Lady Gaga's new video for "Judus" is super gay, super sacriligous - VIDEO

Ricky Martin talks about being a closeted sex symbol on Jay Leno

Need a good quick cry? Google Chrome's It Gets Better ad runs during Glee

Kiss my ass: UK parliament seeks to ban gay kissing, randy pop stars and sexy ads

Gay gamer stretch or shocking revelation? Mario's best buddy Yoshi is queer?

Channing Tatum and Steven Soderbergh team together for male stripper flick

Karl Lagerfeld makes a chocolate hotel room complete with sugary hunk

Dead sexy Immortals trailer includes Kellan Lutz

Thor hunk Chris Hemsworth talks about his giant, thick...

Beyonce workout video plus she's being sued for $100 Million for ruining Christmas

Worst matching pop group outfits ever, shame on N Sync, New Kids on the Block, Destiny's Child..

Robyn is set to play newest Toronto venue Echo Beach in June

Gays love Adele as much as their iPhones, Black Swan and bitchy parodies =  "Rolling in Angry Birds" - VIDEO

Rock me sexy Jesus! San Fran's Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence yearly competition features sexy saviours - VIDEO

Christina Aguilera is the first inductee in the Gay Hall of Fame??

Ab Fab returns to television darlings!

Happy 420: Justin Timberlake, Whoopi Goldberg, Lady Gaga and more all get stoned

Want to be Lady Gaga's assistant for the day?? Thanks to Metro newspapers this gay dream job could be yours.

New gay music: Matthew Morrison duets with Elton John plus brand-new Beyonce single leaks!

The cast of Glee chats about the top five moments to look forward to in upcoming episodes....
Kurt heads back to McKinley High? Mercedes gets a bf? Santana and Britney together at last? 

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    • Grant
      12/29/2012 5:38:06 AM
      JoelJust to clarify, my resopnse was to the following: I am not big on anything going in or out of the anal cavity, and I feel genuinely sorry for gays who develop horrible hemmoroidal or venereal problems there as many do. To cite fact: regular anal sex does not incite haemorrhoids or any other venereal disease. In order to catch an STI (or VD for the Americans) one must have unprotected sex with an infected person. And haemorrhoids are most commonly caused by a low fibre/high fat diet. Over half of all Americans have them in some form. In cases where anal sex causes the patient to notice the haemorrhoid, the same effect would have happened from a large-ish bowel movement. I understand that you remember your doctor from the 70s teach you the facts that you cite, but research and medicine has come a long way since then. So has the understanding for the need for contraception as I'm sure you're aware. I'm sure anal sex spread much venereal disease in the 70s. Protected sex was hardly a big topic then. Also, many people died from sex 40 years ago. AIDS may not have been as prevalent but it has been assisting in the deaths of humans since the Late 19th Century. (Leading theories are that it was transfered from West African apes). The disease was just not IDENTIFIED until the 80s. Since people die from AIDS related illnesses rather than the syndrome itself, the deaths of people prior to this date were just attributed solely to the disease they contracted with under the immuno-deficient state they were in. I agree with you however, that health and sex do not have to be mutually exclusive BUT I also think that health and ANAL sex do not have to be mutually exclusive. The above is my reasoning. I did not intend to flame but argue and debate reasonably. I saw issue with your comment/argument and wanted to respond. As for Davey splintering the already splintered minority', it hardly seems the actions of someone who blogs consistently about tolerance, acceptance and love.
    • Che
      3/11/2012 8:02:28 PM
      Hmmmm it's all about context and reuospxe. I think that the content on the Onion site, as a piece of satire is funny and makes fun of the very nature the problem in a context which makes the fact that it is taking the micky, very obvious.And the same for the examples you have used. Youtube doesn’t provide a space for context. Perhaps it should perhaps people should read the blurb in the top right hand of the screen and people uploading content should be careful to explain the tone.I mean racist, homophobic or cruel content is wrong end of. The mink example is a little different because it is not meant in jest so people are angry about the issue and would be regardless because it has been taken in the tone that it were created.I think basically if a video such as the Onion video is meant in a certain way then the Onion should be careful to ensure that the video was only seen in that context. If the video's tone is explicit then I think it should be fine on youtube.When it comes to responding to negative feedback I think that companies need to believe in what they are producing and have the courage of their convictions. This will ensure that they can respond appropriately to any negative comments.
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