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  • Marco Ovando
    May 06 2013 | What happens when you put the “gay mayor of New York,” a famous go-go boy and Fab magazine in a New York City apartment for an afternoon? Let’s just say it’s hard to put into words. Which is why we’re lucky this so-called mayor is renowned photographer Marco Ovando. We
  • Founding fabulous
    Apr 30 2013 | Michael Schwarz, the original publisher and creator of Fab, still has fond memories of the inspiration behind the magazine’s infamous name. “Everyone in the gay scene was trying to prove that we were okay in the face of all these struggles, and I think we came to the conclusion it was ti
  • Cover girls
    Apr 23 2013 | One sunny afternoon in June, three men were called upon for a last-minute photo shoot. It would take place in an apartment where Billy Robb, Brian Anderson and their roommate Todd lived. Michael Schwarz had asked them to come up with something for the cover of his new magazine. With no budget, a
  • In a Barbie world
    Apr 15 2013 |   From portraits of modern families with two dads, to penis-print wallpaper, Luiz Penze’s uncomfortably familiar yet jovial compositions rub reality in one’s face, and one can’t help but enjoy it. “Sometimes people think that the message in my art is too stro
  • Madrid mojo
    Apr 03 2013 | If Pride has lost some of its allure and all that glitters is beginning to rust, you might want to consider visiting Madrid Pride in Spain and getting back that loving feeling. I got to experience the festivities firsthand and feel completely rejuvenated for the upcoming summer party season.
  • Hidden gems
    Mar 28 2013 | Transplants to our fair city will admit there are few better feelings than when Toronto finally starts feeling like home, as opposed to just a place they are crashing for a while. Toronto has always been a city of neighbourhoods, each with its own distinctive identity, and while we gays have our cho
  • Doom, gloom and a white picket fence
    Mar 26 2013 | When Mathew Howard was growing up in rural Australia, he never imagined being able to live the kind of life he has now. He and his architect husband, Mitz, co-parent two beautiful toddlers, Tyler and Riley, and the four of them live with their dog, Finn, in a semi-detached century home in Parkdal
  • Cock talk
    Mar 05 2013 | No Fab body issue, especially one containing the 2013 Fab Gay Sex Survey, would be complete without a long and hard-hitting discussion of the penis. Fortunately, penises seem to be a regular topic du jour at Fab. First to arrive at the office was a new app called The Predicktor, which purport
  • Winter blahs ablaze
    Mar 04 2013 | A big part of my job here at Fab is to tell readers about all the fun and interesting things other people are doing, like Come Date with Me, a new TV series on W Network. In the first episode, a totally hot girl has to choose from four ill-suited gentlemen who have to impress her with their
  • Beauty and the butt
    Mar 01 2013 | Everybody loves men’s asses. The Greek word callipygian is a term used for someone who has beautiful buttocks, but what makes an ass beautiful or well-formed varies, as sexual aesthetics differ from culture to culture and person to person. Some people side with Sir Mix-a-Lot, while others p
  • I heart money
    Feb 25 2013 | David Lester hasn’t always loved money. The financial coach and author of the book I Heart Money says he changed his relationship with cash while he was in university, studying economics and political science at Western’s Huron University and working 35-hour weeks for Merrill Lynch on th
  • Rhubarb roundup
    Feb 20 2013 | Fay Slift and the Three Bears Ladybear Extraordinaire Fay Slift is thrilled to be part of the Rhubarb Festival. At a meeting with this year’s performers, the other attendees made a strong impression. “Sitting in that environment full of people who I respect as creative beings, w
  • Fantasy island
    Feb 20 2013 | Locals say that Puerto Rico puts a spell on anyone who visits the island, that it’s a magical place that lures travellers to drop their bags and stay for good. One visit to the Caribbean paradise and you’ll understand exactly what they’re talking about. Tucked between the Virgin
  • Bay Street boyz
    Feb 14 2013 | Imagine a land where the sidewalks are pink granite, skyscrapers radiate proportion and decorum, and power lunches, handshakes, black umbrellas and taxicabs rule the daylight hours. Welcome to Bay Street, Toronto’s central business district and Canada’s financial engine. For those
  • The new rules
    Feb 11 2013 | Whether you’re an active dater or just getting back into the scene after the end of a relationship (sorry, he was a jerk anyway), now is a great time to think about your approach to dating, as spring is just around the corner. And boy, is there ever a lot to think about. It seems like t
  • Queen of all screams
    Jan 31 2013 | When Sharon Needles picks up the phone for our interview, it is obvious she is in the middle of something important. We quickly learn she’s getting ready for the RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5 premiere party, taking place in LA that night. Earlier, Sharon flew like a bat outta hell to Di
  • 2013 screen queens
    Jan 28 2013 | Every year there are some buzzworthy flicks that feature loads of queer content, and 2013 is no different. We've got a lot to look forward to in the coming months, including some historical throwbacks; a kinky, meta mind fuck; and even the film debut of one of the best satirists on the planet.&n
  • Tops of 2012
    Jan 25 2013 | Awards season is upon us, and every outlet under the sun is gleefully releasing its lists of the top films of 2012. Here at Fab we're more interested in talking about the best gay flicks of the year than debating the quality of Les Mis or the merits of the dance moves in Magic Mike (althoug
  • Taming the beast
    Jan 21 2013 | 1. Use a good electric razor with various settings. For a tidy, well-groomed look, find the length setting that makes your beard look its Sunday best. 2. Use a good pair of scissors, then trust your instincts and trim your beard. Make sure they’re sharp, so you can take care of th
  • Beards
    Jan 17 2013 | Forget about glasses, watches, ties, shoes or hats — the beard is the greatest male accessory of all time, spanning generations and cultures. From the days of Greek philosophers Plato and Socrates to the most recent phenomenon, the post-Movember “Decembeard,” the beard has withs